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Bona Vista

I was the animal feeder on friday which meant I got to bring home the eggs from our young chooks. We got to have boiled eggs for breakfast yesterday - my favourite breaky! I've made friends with the other grade one girl who's name is Darcy. We've had a couple of play dates and our mum's seem to get on well which is important. I have also had the chance to bring home some veggies from the garden but mum growls at me if I take a bite out of a tomato then put it in my lunchbox! In my dance life I've dropped tap so I'm just doing jazz, ballet and troupe but I may get to take up acrobattics later in the year.

Had a ball last weekend in the hills near Whitfield for dad's cousin's wedding - It took 3 days for me to warm to my 2nd cousins enough to really get going playing with them but had lots of fun running around with them at the last dinner with everyone. Charlie and I walked down to Paradice falls and then ran back up - leaving mum for dead.

Still 5!

It's nearly the end of the year! I've danced in my ballet concert, gone on holidays to Lindeman Island, Grown up so much, done kindergym, been to the snow, moved house and I'm now now doing my transition to school next year.

In March we moved into our own home - thanks to the friends who helped us move and my grandparents who were great! In the new house charlie and I still share a room, have a nice play room and a small back yard with some nice equipment to play with. One of my best fiends lives on the same block. When we visit each other sometimes our mums got out to the street and we walk to the corner watched by our mum and then by the other mum on the way in.
My ballet concert was fun again this year, I sang and danced in 5 different parts one for each dance style + singing and then finale. I danced much more than in previous years (not getting too nervous).Mum & dad were so proud of me, but so was my teacher Vanessa. I did lots of extra rehearsals and worked very hard with my ballet class. I made a new friend during concert time "Shoshy" who lives in the next street from my Grandma.
At kindergym I do some extension work on the roman rings. I have an unfair advantage over my peers, being short and skinny i'ts easier for me to lift myself.
We had a trip to Lindeman Island. I got to go to Mini club and swing from a trapeze as well as go on a bungi-bounce. I made friends with some girls my age and a little older. One of my favourite things about Mini club was doing 2 shows on the stage!
This year my confidence has just grown and grown. I have really matured and come out of my shell. Kinder has been a fantastic influence this year. I am even friends with some of the boys!!! This may not seem amazing to anyone else, but I have very little contact with boys of my own age in my home life so mum and dad are pretty pleased as this shows how far my confidence has come.
I am looking forward to school next year. I will miss my kinder, but it is a new adventure that I am heading into with my school career.

Beaches & Pools; BeeStings & Schools.

During January we went for our 1st camping trip ever to Lakes Entrance. I loved sleeping in the Tent with mummy, daddy and my sisters. The tent we used only had one cabin so we were all in together.Next to us we had a camper trailer on one side and a caravan on the other. I met a friend while we were there she was staying in the camper with her mum, dad and brother. Her name was Chiana and she was the same age as me. We played together lots. Our campground had a pool so we spent a lot of time swimming in the pool. We also went to the beach a couple of times and we did some touristy things around the area. We went and saw "The Princess & the Frog" while we were away as well. Before going camping we went to Melbourne and saw the English National Ballet perform: "Angelina Ballerina's Big Audition". At the end of the show I turned to mummy and said "That was fabulous!" The pool in Traf is free so we have been down there once. It is a cold outdoor pool, but it warms up after a few warm days in a row. When we went down to the pool I got stung by a bee and had to have ice put on it, I still enjoyed my swim though. I love swimming and I am getting very independant. I started school on Thursday! As you all probably know I am doing 4 year old kinder this year and I am not going back to the kinder I started at Last Year. I had an hours session with mum there too on Thursday and about a week before that my teacher Dr Grubb came and did a home visit to see Charlie and I. We made her a big chocolate cake. I can spell and write my own name now! Being 5 brings many new joys, like learning the alphabet and learning to read.

Happy New Year

I'm 5 now and will be going to a different Kinder next year. 1/2 way through last year the teacher and local adviser said I may not be ready for school this year and mum and dad decided to take that advice - they keep hearing about parents who are happy they made that choice and don't hear parents regretting having kept a child out of school the extra year. Dad says it will be easier if my class mates are only 1/2 a year bigger than me rather than a year and a half! I also have a hearing/listening issue which makes it hard for me to make out speech against background noise (like a classroom, swimming pool, dance class etc...
I also have a good short term memory for words (up to mid-primary school level).

I still love ballet, didn't miss kinder gym too much (having missed the last term) but would like to do it again next year. My favorite stories are still princesses, mermaids, faeries and ballet ones. I am learning to write, can do my own name whenever I want and can copy what is written when doing cards and things. I always have strong ideas about what will be written.

My New Song!!!

This morning I was pretending to be Aunty Jo., who has a new baby girl "Clarissa Eremaya Mason". Daddy caught me singing a new song, about the baby:

"I don't want you to grow up, but I know you have to grow to be healthy and I don't want you to die."

It was very cute and I can't remember all the words correctly, but that is the gist of it. I love babies and it is great having a new baby cousin. We saw her the day after she was born. Today is Father's Day and we are just playing at home. We are going to see my cousin during the week as Daddy is home this week.

Life is really busy at the moment even though I don't go to kinder any more! Mummy does activities with us, I do Ballet and Gymnastics, plus we go to 3 playgroups and sometimes Storytime at the Library in Moe. Next year I will go to Kinder 3 days a week in Warragul.
Hmmmmm........ Well life has been pretty busy really. I am on school holidays so there is no kinder for 2 weeks and I am only going back part time as I will do 4 yr old kinder next year. I am looking forward to being at home with mummy and my little sisters more. I will miss being at kinder with my best friend, but we are going to go to different schools anyway.
I still love Ballet and I want to be a Ballerina when I grow up, but I also want to be a fixer and fix things. I love mermaids, princesses, fairies, Bratz Dolls & Barbies. I am very good at helping mummy with my baby sister Rhiannon. The other day when we went to Playgroup Mum had to introduce me as "Charlie from Hi5" as I was pretending to be her.
I'm having a "growth spurt", just ask me. Mum told me one day when I had eaten 3 bowls of dinner that I am having a growth spurt and I've been telling everyone that since then. I am infact the smallest in my kindergarten. I am 99.5cm's & my 2 & 1/2 year old sister is 90.5 cm's. Daddy thinks that she will be taller than me by the time she turns 5. My life goes on pretty well at the moment. I love living in the Country and I love living near my Best Friend 'Sarah'. I do Kindergym and I still do Ballet in Melbourne on a Friday. I help mummy with my baby sister and my toddler sister is my best friend! I love to sing about anything and everything, sometimes to my own tune and sometimes to an already established one. When I grow up I want to be a ballerina and a fixer.

Country living

A bit over a month ago we moved to the country, we live in a small town called "Traf". I like our new house with it's big back yard and I especilly love being in the same town as my best friend Sarah! We go to kinder together now and are both being encouriged by out mums (and dads) to get to know the other kids instead of only playing with each other. When Mum drops me off for kinder I say Bye Bye Mummy and go in like a big girl. I'm proud enough of that to remind Mum after kinder that I was so good.

I still do ballet at my old school in Melbourne on Fridays and I'm also doing gymnastics. It looks like I'll do gym with dad while mum takes Charlie does heedee ho. I love the balance beams and climbing but not such a fan of the floor excersizes we get set each week. Charlie is also doing Ballet in a combined mum/toddle class, so last week while mum was shopping, Charlie and I did a ballet concert (I did a bit of tap and breakdancing as well) for daddy and Rhiannon.

In our new house Charlie and I have bunks. Charlie is at the bottom with her feet toward my bed and side to the window, my head is over Charlies feet and my feet point to the door. Mum was a little worried I wouldn't be able get intio the top bunk with the ladder-ish features on the bunk. Not only can Charlie and I go up that like monkeys, we can both easily go from Charlies bunk to mine up the side, we also like hanging off the side and underneath. Last Wednesday, I hit my mouth on the bunk - My lips and nose bled a fair bit - the bedding all needed to be changed, Aunty Nicole looked after charlie while mum took me to the doctor. the next day my mouth looked pretty puffy but I still wanted to go to kinder and the next day I certenly wouldn't miss ballete

The bushfires of "Black Saturday" were close enough to put a pall of smoke over us from before midday and we had some dead embers landing around out town. Mum and Dad were pretty worried all day and told me they were worried the fires may get close. I looked out our back door and saw heaps of smoke. I said "Daddy I can see the fire!" Dad came over and had a look and thanked me for telling him, then went on to say I don't need to tell him about smoke today, but on another day I should.

Over the next week we had ABC radio going most of the time with dad's ghetto blaster sitting on the table. I took to turning the radio off when we were having meals at the table saying "I think that's enough of that for now".

Last weekend Charlie and I were playing a game where we were twins, The Charlie twin was called Shakira but I've forgotten what I called myself. By Tuesday, Sarah and her little sister had caught the twins game

"But Charlie was encouraging me"

For some reason I get in trouble if I lead charlie into trouble because I was encourging her, but I can't get away with it!

a few changes

First and most exciting, I now have a new baby sister "annan_butterfly" or Rhiannon. I'm the proudest big sister in the world. I love showing her to my friends and talking about her, as well as helping look after her and patting her and sometimes getting to hold her becaus "she soo c-ute" (sec).

Also I've finished 3 year old Kinder. Mum and Dad are sad about that because my teacher Anna was great. I have learned so much this year, as much about how to interact as about facts. I have also finished at childcare and will stay home with mom, Charlie and Rhiannon.

When Charlie and I had Gastro about a month ago, part of the way I delt with my throwing up was by having one of my paper dress up dolls throw up and have to change her clothes. During the same play session with them, one of them was a "Sissy La La" (a phrase I've brought home from kinder for making a fuss over nothing) over not getting to wear her pink knickers.

I had a really great birthday week, a party with my friends at a play center, then a party with Mom and dads friends the next weekend. On the day of my birthday I was bit worried becuase we were out and about and my friends wouldn't be able to find me. Mum had to keep explaining that it was the day of my birthday but I'd already had my party.

One evening, Aunty Jo was called in to baby sit. She only had a brief briefing which stinted on details of bedtime. We went into out (Charlie's anb my) room for stories. Charlie wanted to hop into my bed.

Aunty Jo asked me "Can Charlie sleep in your bed?"
"No" So Charlie was put into her cot where she threw a huge tantrum.
Aunty Jo persisted with story time over the noise.
After a while I linked in the bit that was missing "But Charlie always sits on my bed for story time"